Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a collusion of titles

Well, I actually mean collection, but I like the anthropomorphic, conspiratorial tone of collusion. It also possesses the marketable asset of phonic resemblance to both collision and confusion. Today, collusion gets the job.

      I like titles. I paste names liberally across my experiences, and watch them work like clotting reagents to draw disparate thoughts and happenings into a narrative. With a title to rule the roost, every character has a home, a job description [can you tell I've been doing a lot of college and career brainstorming lately?], a home address. Story-tellers are kind of like truth taxonomists, I think. [Also I went to a conference today about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education. It's steered me into rather a technical turn of phrase.] Putting names to ideas makes them makes sense
     I've got a greenhouse of anemic baby narratives-- of titles. Some are literally sitting in my blog drafts dock toting empty posts after them (or with bits of text, or a few lingering images), and some just live in my head, wispy bits of carbon never given a chance to see the light of day, to sprout and grow into the green beans or spires of Astilbe they could be. And since I'm having a hard time growing them up enough to bring them out to be planted and  face the rigors of sun and wind, I now invite you into the greenhouse for a Guided Greenhouse Tour. Be nice and speak softly. (Because these titles don't have immune systems.)

Unpublished Titles (until now...)

like an unlit candle   December 17, 2011

     I slouched in my dining-room chair after dinner in the dim December dusk, eyeing the Advent centerpiece glumly. That's how I feel, I thought. Like an unlit candle. And promptly perked up because this way of describing my feelings so perfectly had hopped into my lap like a compliant bunny.

on reading a book    December 27, 2011

     Which I've done a lot, and which seemingly never fails to induce a lot of pondering. I'm thinking my Why-Do-Stories-Affect-Me-So paper trail will prove a fruitful mine for college application essays.

poems and hostages, christian rap and a blood-striped savior    January 11, 2012

    Project Week (a school-week without classes, used for writing research papers) this year furnished an eclectic mix of content-intake, apparently.

Naming my Niche    January 14

     Here's what this one says:
          With the experimental warmth of '60s French films and the pizzicato flavor of horizontal hip-hop, Simon Green's Bonobo project established the welcome niche of a pretension-free, post-party intellectual chill-out.
-Pandora bio of [the musician] Bonobo
     I liked the sound of that.

The Importance of Being Er-- Positive     February 5
  Attitudes aren't everything, but they are potent, and reflect what we think this story is all leading to, and Who's leading it.

A Life of Study     March 3

     After visiting several Great Universities of Old, and returning to a blizzard of schoolwork.

new friends and old masters     March 5

     After visiting the Wondrous, the Renowned, the Enormous Metropolitan Museum of Art. I think I still want to write this post.

on busy-ness     June 7

     I wrote a practice essay for the ACT on the question of whether high school should be extended to five years. This was it, pretty much unedited.

sensory overload     June 10

     Seems to happen to me a lot.

the world is so full of such a number of things     June 26
See above.

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