Monday, June 18, 2012

a panegyric The Rabbit Room.

     I think I first stumbled across it a year or two ago when I was looking for writer/singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson's website. Yes, that was it. I went to his website and encountered this lovely little carousel of portals. One of them, in particular, captivated me.

I clicked it. And my life has never been the same.

     The Rabbit Room is a sort of consortium of awesome. It's a blog, with well-written, writer-encouraging, worship- and whimsy-inducing, thought-provoking articles appearing several times a week, with quality comment sections that the authors actually respond to. It's also a resource room of music and books. Because it's made up of people bound together not just by a love of books and such but by being blood-bought children of the same Father, it really is a community. Whenever I visit The Rabbit Room, I leave exhorted, inspired, rejuvenated, and smiling (or sometimes weeping). It makes me excited about my role in this story, points my eyes to the Author, reminds me to be humble and reflective, and refills my canteen for the journey.
     And that is that.

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