Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lessons From Hillsdale, No. 1

Thomas Merton, in his book No Man is an Island: "When we do not desire the things of this world for their own sake, we become able to see them as they are. We see at once their goodness and their purpose, and we become able to appreciate them as we never have before."

This place is no New York City. But why should it be?

I've been reminded here already to seek the Good, the True, the Beautiful--not the popular, not the trendy, not the aimless preference of a wandering mind.

Well, the day has come and I'm here now, in this little town surrounded by flatlands and far from my coffee shops and the bright lights, far from the one-glance judgments of the big city and the people who dress and act with those judgments in mind, far from my accustomed frameworks of cool, and I'm on the hunt for substance. For the Real.

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