Monday, June 3, 2013

The End, or The Beginning, or The In-Between

It's been a while. Much has happened since Easter, the occasion of my last post. In the space of three weeks, (1) I moved out of the parental home [see photo of my old room above, titled I Grieve the Fading Memory], because (2) my parental home was moving out of my hometown, before (3) I was done with high school. I graduate this Saturday. And then I run off to run at the state track meet.
To help me ease back into the blog after a hiatus of—ahem—two months, here are some lists:

The Books That Came With Me When I Grabbed Some Stuff and Moved Out of My House in the Middle of the Last Week of High School
  1. Bible
  2. The Lord of the Rings
  3. To Infinity and Beyond: The Story of Pixar Animation Studios
  4. Terence Conran on Design
  5. the Collected Poems of Dylan Thomas
  6. U2 by U2
  7. The Journal of Henry David Thoreau, edited by Damion Searls.

The Songs That Have Soundtracked All of This (all this youth and change)
the links are to legit [i.e. artist-published] videos
  1. "Sometimes I Get a Good Feeling" by Avicii (Yep.)
  2. Andrew Peterson's album Light for the Lost Boy, especially “You'll Find Your Way” and “Day by Day”
  3. Movement and Location” and “Soon or Never” by Punch Brothers 
    (You should really go buy "Soon or Never" and listen to it right now.)
  4. Talk” by Coldplay
  5. White as Snow” and "Cedars of Lebanon" by U2 
    (The latter contains one brief expletive.)
  6. Next to Me” by Civil Twilight
  7. Leaving So Soon” by Keane
I have a moment to breathe, and what air! What early summer air, robust but not overbearing, all shot through with sunlight and still cool and clear as fresh water. The summer stretches before me, and in the midst of missing my home, my school, and life as it was for quite a bit, summery exuberance is catching up with me again.

new leaves at new house.

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