Monday, April 9, 2012

on the bleak Suffolk coast,

Here's a bit of overly pictorial whimsy for you.

Last night I had a "sleepover" with my little sisters--an operation typically involving smoothies, board games, and, for me, earlier sleeping hours. Last night, in addition to the staples, we rifled through my precious St. Paul Chamber and Minnesota Orchestra program notes, snipping words and pictures. My little friends came out with Midori (we of this three-violinist household are big fans),

"old-fashioned pictures",

and some forgeries:

Personally, I enjoyed decontextualizing bits of delightfully florid prose, cutting phrases loose from the confines of nearby commas and predicates and stirring them into a prismatic mental soup.

And now, armed with borrowed verbage, I return to editing my unfinished fantasy.

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