Friday, October 21, 2011

It is Autumn and I am Sixteen, and also I love Owl City

I live in a jumble of colors most of the time. I walk around with my eyes wide open as a toddler's. On the cusp of adulthood, sometimes it feels like someone has just removed a blind fold after leading me through uncharted woods. What a colorful place they've led me to.
It is autumn. Fall always feels nostalgic to me. Tattered trees, white sunlight, crisp blue sky, sweaters, bonfires, apple pie.
Today and yesterday I've been off school, and my days have consisted mainly of listening to music and juggling a soccer ball. The music has been ridiculously exciting. My two most exciting new musical friends are Arcade Fire and Owl City. Arcade Fire's sound is right up my alley. Owl City is exciting for a bunch of reasons. One things I love about it is an idea best put into words by Adam Young himself talking about why he calls himself Owl City as a musician. He said, "It really is two words put together that create imagery and create somewhere in you head that you can go to and imagine yourself being someone else and doing something else... 'Alligator Skies' [one of his songs] is a similar place in my head. It's a fun kind of realm to go to and come back from, and that's sort of the whole gist of Owl City as an aesthetic concept. Thus it's kind of fun to bring this ethereal, surreal world of soundscapes and this very atmospheric realm down to three instruments". The music lives in a colorful world of happy wonder. I enjoy that place. Second, lyrics like this:
"My captain on a snowy horse
Is coming back to take me home
He's coming back to take me home
I'm finally fighting back a terrible force
'Cause I'm not afraid to die alone"
and this:
"I saw the autumn leaves peel up off the street
take wing on the balmy breeze and sweep you off your feet
You blushed as they scooped you up on sugar maple wings
\to gaze down on the city below, ablaze with wondrous things
Downy feathers kiss your face and flutter everywhere
Reality is a lovely place but I wouldn't want to live there"

Wondrous atmosphere. Clever, vivid, creative, poetic, truth-lit lyrics. Gorgeous sound. We've got a winner.

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  1. Note: And I also fully realize (and heartily enjoy) the fact that Owl City is utterly ridiculous.